Locations Served

Creative Image Landscaping provides quality, custom landscaping services to Vacaville, Fairfield, Davis, Dixon, Napa, Rio Vista, American Canyon and Benecia.


We offer our full range of custom residential landscaping services to residents of Vacaville, California in Solano County. The city of Vacaville is known as one of the most colorful cities in California. At Creative Image Landscaping, we can help you transform your yard into an artistic vision of color that will make Vacaville proud..


Because Fairfield, California, is an integral part of Solano County, we provide our full range of custom residential services to its residents. With the Suisan Bay and San Pablo Bay well within reach of the city, water is a significant element of Fairfield. Creative Image Landscaping can help incorporate custom water features into your outdoor area to fit the theme of the city.


As a part of Yolo County, the city of Davis, California, is within our service radius for custom residential services. Home to the prestigious University of California, Davis, the city accommodates a large number of young people and is undergoing a trend of modernization. At Creative Image Landscaping, we can help you modernize your own outdoor area with trendy, creative landscape design and construction.


We provide custom residential services to citizens of the city of Dixon in Solano County, California. As a small city with a population of under twenty thousand, Dixon has wide expanses of land and many of its houses include large properties. At Creative Image Landscaping, we can use our talent for creative and efficient landscape design to help Dixon residents beautify their large properties with minimal cost and upkeep.

Napa Valley

We provide our custom residential landscape services to residents of Napa Valley in northern California. Napa Valley is a peaceful vacation hotspot renowned for its gorgeous wineries and beautiful scenery. Our landscape design can help you transform your outdoor area into a masterpiece of Napa Valley scenery.

Rio Vista

We cater all of our custom residential landscaping services to citizens of Rio Vista, California in Solano County. Rio Vista is a peaceful, serene city along the Sacramento River. At Creative Image Landscaping, we can help you design your outdoor area to thrive and flourish in the cool, damp environment of Rio Vista.

American Canyon

Because the city of American Canyon is included within the bounds of Napa County, California, we offer our custom residential landscaping services to its citizens. American Canyon has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers that can cause plants to suffer. We can help you design your outdoor area with sufficient irrigation, drainage, and drought-resistant plants to overcome the challenges of a hot, dry climate and create a beautiful landscape.


We provide citizens of Benicia, California in Solano County with our custom residential landscaping services. Benicia is a waterside city located in the San Francisco Bay Area and houses several historical landmarks. We can help you cater your outdoor area to the traditional aesthetic of the beautiful city of Benicia with our landscape design and construction.